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Gear up for the Olympics

Date Added: November 18, 2011 03:52:41 PM
Author: Bibika Dimi
Category: Personal Finance: Insurance

With the Olympics under a year away, the UK is rightly getting excited about hosting this incredible international event. Whilst London will see most of the action, events are taking place all over the UK and, more importantly, everyone will benefit from the games. With new stadiums and training grounds to be made use of once the competitors have gone home, there’s plenty for sports fan to be excited about. But it’s not just the venues themselves that will be left as a legacy after the Games.


The government has placed a major emphasis on the Games as a starting block for new sports initiatives. It is hoped that the spirit of the Games will inspire more people to take up sport and try new sports that they might not have considered before. Many clubs and grounds that are close to the Olympic Village are being upgraded and renovated, in order to provide training spaces for visiting teams.


This means that previously unavailable funds have been given to local clubs, which will see their facilities improve immensely. They will also get a high profile during the games, as international teams and competitors use these facilities. It is hoped that this will encourage local people to make use of the clubs on their doorsteps, and the Games to inspire people to join.


Many local sports clubs struggle to pay for the upkeep of grounds, for staff and for extras like sports club insurance or social club insurance. With these new facilities and a renewed interest in sports, local clubs should be able to keep going and, it is hoped, to thrive and expand. The Games is a chance to get everyone in the UK interested in sport and the legacy of the Games aims to keep this interest alive – with sports clubs flourishing and thriving.


Get kids involved

Many of the London boroughs that are hosting events contain deprived areas and it is hoped that local kids in particular will benefit from the increased sports facilities in their local area. It should encourage new UK talent to emerge: kids who previously had little or no access to top-class sports venues and facilities will now have it all on their doorstep. Sport should be accessible to everyone and that is certainly something that the UK is addressing with the Olympic Games 2012. It’s the ideal opportunity to introduce people to new sports and to discover the hidden talents of both kids and adults.


• Bring on the games

As the final preparations take place and test events ensure that the venues are up to scratch, there’s a mounting excitement in the air. The spotlight will be on the UK and we should all be proud of the Games, and the sports heritage that it will provide for everyone. You might have been lucky enough to secure tickets for some of the events. If not, celebrations and events will be taking place all over the UK to ensure that everyone has as much exposure to the Games as possible. Big screens, sports days, festivals and competitions will get everyone into the spirit of the Olympics.



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